Tuesday 7 February 2012

Photos - as promised!

Hi guys.  It is D again.  just popped on to upload the photos as promised.  The photos relate to the last 2 blog entries:

Snow photos first.  Again - the view from my room.

And then the marshmallows follow the snow pictures (naturally - and because I made them first!)...

 Once whipped up and cool, they sit in a tray (sprinkled lavishly with 'marshmallow mix'), uncovered, overnight to allow them to dry out.

The next morning you cover them in the marshmallow mix before cutting up (or if you're like me, you cover them in the mix, flip them over and cover the underside in more mix just before you rush out to work)

Next you cut them up (once back from work in my case) into whatever shapes you want (clearly - I went for the rustic look!) and cover them lavishly in 'marshmallow mix', put them in a sieve and shake off as much excess mix as you can.   Package in an airtight container and consume within one week (or share them with everyone with whom you come into contact the next day).

Creme Brulee next as I had to use the egg yolks...

The finished brulee - complete with shiny and firm top!  Very pleased.

That long-awaited first crack!


And finally - the vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  You have to forgive me the images and the icing as these were the last thing I made and I am used to making cupcakes so didn't take as much care as I could have.  They were incredibly light and I took them round to friends for dinner - the verdict was that they would definitely love to have me bring them round again!  Result!  :-)


Only one left...!

Till next time .  Dx

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